Announcing the Cast of 1994!

Cast Announcement

I am beyond excited to announce the cast of the new comedy audiodrama podcast, 1994. This series will consist of 7 episodes that follow the ups and downs of a group of teenagers on a roadtrip across country in the spring of 1994. This immensely talented group of voice performers will bring this story to life this summer wherever you listen to podcasts.

James Oliva as Scott Sweet

Jordan Cobb as Carrie Bird

Paul Miscavage as Jack M

JV Hampton-VanSant as Jack T

Chad Ellis as Rocky

Julia Schifini as Andi

Gabe Templin as Ted

Graham Rowat as Feather

Sarah Golding as Starla

Ellie Gossage as Shannon

Elie Hirschman as Lucas            

Ellie Collins as Mrs Sweet

Erin king as Deirdre

Jeff Moon as Phil

Thoreau Smiley as Sarge and Bobby

Cynthia Reinhardt as Mrs M

Brenna Greene as Waitress

Leo Wiggins as Cop

Zane Sexton as Preppie